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Damen Song Cam Shipyard Construction Project – Phase 1

Location: Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong
Construction period: May 3/2013 – 4/2014.
Employer: Damen Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. SONG BANNED
Damen Song Cam Shipyard Construction Project is divided into three phases with a total investment to 50 million Euros.
In phase 1 of the project, Vinaconex E&C constructed two main sections of the project: the shipyard and the office compound. The shipyard was constructed by linked steel frame structure, reinforced concrete foundation system in 88m wide and 117m long. The office compound had 4 floors with total area of 1300m2, reinforced concrete structure, enclosed by curtain wall and combined aluminum system, plaster ceiling, granite and ceramic floor.

Vinaconex E&C completed this project by satisfying all standards of Client, Supervision Consultant who applied the most strict requirements on the progress and quality of work.

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