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Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility is the business response to the sustainable development challenge and the way in which it manages its processes to produce an overall positive impact on its employees and their families as well as that of the local community and society at large. As people in the construction field, we strive to be a trusted Business Partner, a fair Employer, a exemplary individual-Enterprise.


The close relationship with our partners is the basis for us to develop our business and to strengthen the philosophy that our business is pursuing. The successful long-term future of our business largely depends on working collaboratively with our partners and in their interests. Our partners can be whether employers, employees, suppliers, renters, investors, or even NGOs, Government and the wider community.


Every business activity of us has its impact directly or indirectly on the environment, society, economy and people; directly in the way we execute our construction projects and indirectly in advices we give to clients. Vinaconex E&C is committed to applying advanced sciences and technologies, developing technology improvement initiatives, using economically natural resources, preventing environmental pollution, creating safe workplace, preventing every risk in occupational safety and health for our employees and concerning parties.


As an employer and a professional construction contractor, Vinaconex E&C is committed to taking all social responsibilities towards our employees, treating them like the most precious resources for our development and prosperity.


Under this policy, Vinaconex E&C will operate the following principles:

– Ensuring Sustainability

– Implementing Social & Community Objectives

– Running for partners and for long-term business relationships

– Ensuring benefit growth for people

Our focused and maintained activities:

– We work closely with our clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes.

– We will set a strategy and reporting procedures that will ensure continual improvement of our sustainability performance.

– We will update regularly and apply HSE regulations to ensure a standard and sustainable working environment.

– We cooperate with suppliers and business partners in the direction of developing a community of businesses operating for a more developed and sustainable society.

– By giving scholarships to students with excellent performance of the National University of Civil Engineering, we hope those students will have more favorable conditions to nurture their aspirations and promote their personal growth.

– We will continue to encourage those employees who like to involve themselves in public and charitable service.

– We will continue to give our time and expertise for free to voluntary and charitable activities.

– We wish to build long-term reliable relationships with local suppliers in those places where we have been implementing our projects.

– People are the bedrock of our business and we encourage lifelong learning and practicing. We extend this ethos to our relationships with partners.

– We will respect our people and encourage their development and training for accomplishing their skills.

– We acknowledge contributions of employees and apply fair reward and fair punishment policies.

– We promote equality and diversity of our people. We always consider the health and wellbeing and make favorable conditions for our people to achieve their work-life balance.

– We always practice strictly and timely regulations on sick leave, maternity leave, and leave for taking care of close relatives.

– We set forth and practice strictly policies which are beneficial to employees, including policies on salary and bonus, appointment, training, and dividend distribution, etc.