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Our People

VNCN E&C have recognized that people are always the centre and decisive strength for continuous improvement and success of company.

VNCN E&C employs more than 270 planners, designers, engineers and specialists nationwide. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere. All staffs of VNCN E&C strive to bring their expertise, experience, youth and enthusiasm for the development and success of the Company. We also share the same vision and ambition in paving the way for the establishment of a modern infrastructure, convenient residential areas, high-rise buildings, business centers. We are working together towards the common purpose of bringing the construction industry a growth pace and a fresh look, as well as contribute to the development of Vietnamese construction industry as catching up with regional and international advance technologies.

We value the skills, strengths, talents and contributions of our employees and foster a dynamic workplace that enables all people to realize their full potential as well as to bring their competence and skills in full plays. Also, VNCN E&C offers its employees with valuable resources, including health care, social insurance, fitness, recreation, educational opportunities and career development. Moreover, we will strive for continuous quality improvement in all that we do for employees; treat everyone fairly with trust and respect.

Working together, we believe that we can honour our commitments and go further on developing road.