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Company History

Origin: Beginning from a Consultancy Department of Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint-Stock Corporation (VINACONEX), The Department of Bidding and Project Management served as a consultant of the Corporation, support in management works of construction investment projects of all sizes.

To further develop the efficiency of this mode, the Corporation expanded the Department into two Centers, specializing in bidding works and management of great projects undertaken by VINACONEX, as well as providing advices and technical supports for VINACONEX affiliates in their construction and procurement works.

2003: Foundation for VNCN E&C was laid as merging two Centers of Project Management and Bidding into unique Center, centralized the bidding work and construction management of large-scale project under VINACONEX trade mark.

May 2007: VINACONEX E&C was established under the mode of a joint stock company. Commenced large-scale projects such as: Nghi Son Cement Plant, Vinaconex Tower, Worker House in Kim Chung, Cau Ghe-Ninh Binh construction project ….

2012: VINACONEX E&C turned into an independent joint stock company at the end of 2012 when VINACONEX., JSC withdrew all their capital investment from the Company.

Along with the great pride that VINACONEX brand name takes among the leaders in the field of commercial and industrial construction in Vietnam, VINACONEX E&C have been repeatedly awarded and implemented large-scale projects nationwide such as Package CW1B-Cao Lanh bridge, Package A1, Package A3 and Package J1 of  GMS Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project, Nhat Tan Bridge Construction Project, Package no. 6 of North-South Expressway Construction project….

2019: VINACONEX E&C was changed into VNCN Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Corporation (VNCN E&C Corp).