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Quality Objective

  1. 1. Accomplish the Plan of quantity, revenue and profit according to the resolution of the annual general shareholders meeting.
  2. 2. Resolve all claims competently, ensure 100 percent of the projects under management of VNCN E&C satisfying the requirements on quality and progress of the Clients.
  3. 3. Improve the management system; manage the business operations; Control effectively the utilities, equipment and machinery of the Company; apply advance modules in controlling and assessing, and also informatics software in doing business.
  4. 4. Train and employ highly-educated employees, gradually make difference in quality to other companies in this industry.
  5. 5. Have zero-accident record with death or serious damages by the fault of the management system. Establish an independent system of labor safety. Ensure the labor safety and hygiene and stable income for workers.
  6. 6. 100 percent of employees comprehend and apply the quality management system of the Company effectively.Accomplish the Plan of quantity.