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        Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet section is adjacent to the starting point of Phan Thiet – Dau Giay expressway sub-project, is in Binh Thuan province where the natural conditions and climate are extremely harsh. Contract Package XL04 was commenced in December 2020 with 24 months for completion. This has been a very urgent schedule for construction of an expressway so far. From the very early days, Contractor VNCN E&C has faced with numerous difficulties, including:

– The shortage of local supply for filling materials: The reserves of licensed soil pits do not meet the demand of construction of the Project.

– Covid-19 pandemic: Contract Package XL04 package started when the Covid-19 epidemic was breaking out all over the country. The Contract Package is located in an area heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic where applying the Government’s Directive No. 16/CT-TTg which restricts the movement and isolates people to and from epidemic areas. That has made it difficult for the Contractor to mobilize machinery, equipment and human resources to serve the construction.

– Price escalation: The price of main input materials was increased dramatically, such as: steel 35%-50%; cement 10%-15%; oil and petrol 50%-70%. This fact has been greatly affecting the financial plan for the Project, making change in the financial balance plan for the Contract Package, causing the Contractor to face the risk of compensating for losses to complete the project.

        In the first 6 months, due to the shortage of backfilling materials, the Contractor was able to carry out such works as site clearing, excavation of natural soil, excavation and backfilling of inner roads. Such numberless hardships made it difficult for the Contractor to reach the set target. However, under the strong directions of the leadership of VNCN E&C, right strategies, as well as the determination of all staff of VNCN E&C at the Project, the difficulties have been gradually pushed back, while the construction progress has been improved considerably. At present, the Contractor has made some achievements and completed the set target as follows:

– The excavation and backfilling of embankment of the main route has been substantially completed.

– The construction of base and sub-base courses (including cement treated base – CTB).

– Construction in large scale of asphalt concrete C19.

– Completion 100% of underpasses, box culverts, pipe culverts of main alignment.

– For construction of bridges: Basically completed sub-structures. The Contractor has been speeding up the cast and erection of girders to connect the main alignment.

        In the last days of August 2022, on the construction site of Contract Package XL04 Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet expressway project, although it is in the rainy season, all construction teams are taking advantage of every hour to make full use of dry time for production in order to bring the Project to the finish line as scheduled. Programs to launch emulation movements among construction teams for speeding up the progress  have been introduced regularly, such as: Emulation movement in 40 days to celebrate the Reunification Day – 30th April 2022 to complete critical points of embankment construction; Emulation programs launched to create the competition among construction teams for each work items; And the 120-day emulation program launched by the MOT to speed up the progress of four project components of Mai Son – NH45, Cam Lo – La Son, Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet – Dau Giay.

The remaining work items including embankment, pavement, finishing works and traffic safety works have high value but short construction period. The Contractor believes that with our determination, experience and capacity which have been proved in the last 15 years, we will bring the Project to the finish line on schedule and ensure the quality.

Some photos of the construction of Contract Package XL04 Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet expressway: