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Plant of waste classification, waste disposal, producing biogas

Project: Plant of waste classification, waste disposal, producing biogas
and organic mineral fertilizers
Construction Item: Fermentation Tank including heat piping system
Location: Bo Trach – Quang Binh
Construction period: 08/2017 – 01/2018

The project for plant of waste classification, waste disposal, producing biogas and organic mineral fertilizers, with a total investment of 1300 billion, was designed according to German standards and supervised by Germany engineers.

The plant was complex of 6 waste disposal lines imported and assembled by German Contractors as to classify waste, dispose and recycle more than 95% of the waste for producing clean electricity and organic mineral fertilizers.

The most important part of plant was dry fermentation line operated in the fermentation tank where the waste was disposed to transform into gas and organic mineral fertilizers. This technology was unprecedentedly applied in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.

Fermentation tank – key part of waste disposal processing lines – was constructed by reinforced concrete structure with dimension as 50x8x9m (length-width-height) including internal heat pipe system. As specification requirements, the construction joint of fermentation tank must have been pre-fixed and concrete for tank wall as 8m height cast by one batch.

Overcoming the strict technical requirements of German engineers, the Contractor as Vinaconex E & C was entrusted to assign for executing the above items. The fermentation tank was not large, but as a key construction item with technology unprecedented applied in Vietnam

The highlight points of this construction item are as followings:
1. Using shaped formwork as PERI genuine imported from Germany.
2. Concreting tank wall as 8.0m height by only one batch.
3. Using concrete piping system to penetrate PERI formwork. This concrete pipe after concreting was permanently embedded without breaking concrete.
4. Concreting work by Germany technology to be self-waterproof, eradicate inner waterproofing membrane of tank.
5. Heat piping system of fermentation tank was installed under instruction and strict supervision of German engineers.
As an experienced and competent professional Contractor, Vinaconex E&C has completed this project as required schedule and satisfying all standards and strict specification offered by Client, Supervision Consultant.

Some pictures of fermentation tank:

   Complete installing external shaped formwork as PERI genuine imported from German


Foreign expert from German introduces construction technology

Installation of heat piping system by German technology


External concrete surface after extracting shaped formwork