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Damen Song Cam Shipbuilding

Project: Damen Song Cam Shipbuilding
Construction Item: Warehouse No.2 and concrete yard 4.5tons
Location: Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong
Construction period: 10/2017 – 4/2018.


Warehouse No.2 Project belongs to Damen Song Cam Shipbuilding which was previous constructed by Vinaconex E&C and already handed-over to the Employer for services.

The warehouse No.2 is constructed in an area of 3959m2 by method of pressing centrifugal concrete piles with D=350, length =40m for foundation mat system. It is also constructed by steel frame structure of industrial house, reinforced concrete foundation and perimeter brick wall.

As an experienced and competent professional Contractor, Vinaconex E&C shall complete this project as required schedule and satisfying all standards and specification offered by Client, Supervision Consultant.

Some typical pictures of Warehouse No.2 Project:

Pressing centrifugal concrete pile D350, L=40m

Steel frame structure of industrial house

Steel frame structure of industrial house