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Photo 1: The Inauguration Ceremony of Cao Lanh – An Huu Expressway Construction Project on 25/06/2023

    The Mekong Delta Region locates far in the South of Vietnam. This region has the largest area of the country with a high economic growth rate compared to the national average rate. However, the FDI (foreign direct investment) rate of the region where is considered the largest producing region of rice, fruits and marine products of Vietnam is still low in terms of both project and total registered investment (ranking fourth out of six regions of the country). One of the difficulties of the region is the un-developed transport infrastructure, especially the road network, that reduces the attractions to investors. For road transport infrastructure, although it has been paid attention for investment by the Government, due to the high density of channels and canals in the region, the road network has not been developed proportionally to the potentials and the advantages of the region; There are few expressways which have high traffic capacity. Therefore, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 68/QD-TTg dated 15/01/2018 on approval of the Master Plan of the Mekong Delta Region Development and Decision No. 326/QD-TTg dated 01/3/2016 on approval of the Master Plan of Vietnam Road Expressway Network Construction in which mobilizing resources for giving priority to investing in the construction of the road network in the region, especially expressways.
   The Cao Lanh – An Huu Expressway Construction Investment Project, Phase 1 was approved by the Government at Decision No. 769/QD-TTg dated 24/06/2022. The investment in the construction of a new Cao Lanh – An Huu expressway contributes to completing the regional transport network, meeting the demand for transportation on the corridor in horizontal axis along the North bank of Tien river, at the same time, the route will be one part of the Hong Ngu – Tra Vinh expressway which connects Dinh Ba international border gate (in Dong Thap province) with seaports in the coastal region and Dinh An economic zone (in Tra Vinh province).

Figure 2: Alignment of section Km0+000 – Km16+000

   Cao Lanh – An Huu expressway Project Component 1 has the length of 16 kilometers with the start point connecting with My An – Cao Lanh expressway (about 3.6km from An Binh intersection) in Nhi My commune, Cao Lanh district, Dong thap province, and the end point at Km16+000 in My Hiep commune, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. Joint Venture of VNCN Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Corporation – Thien An Construction and Mechanical Company Limited – Dacinco Construction Investment Limited Company was awarded Contract Package No. 14: Construction of section Km0+000 ~ Km16+000 with the value of VND 2,805,790,749,000 to be implemented in 28 months.

   The Works are planned having the scales as below:

– Road class:

+ Urban highway (design velocity V = 100km/h)

+ In phase 1, build 04 carriage ways combining with reduction of the width of cross-section elements of the highway and spaced consolidated shoulders (emergency lanes are arranged at interval of every 4-5km).

–  Typical cross-section: 04 motorized lanes.

– Junction: 01 interchange of the expressway and My An – Cao Lanh expressway, which is a partial clover leaf in phase 1 and a clover leaf in complete phase.

– Bridge: there are 19 bridges on the route.

– Lighting system: Lighting system is arranged at the interchange.

– Scale of the road in phase 1 and main technical specifications of the project: Construction of 4 motorized lanes, design velocity V=80km/h. Cross-sections (the road centerline in phase 1 locates 3.875m to the right side of the expressway centerline in complete phase):

– Because the project will be exploited according to the standards for expressway, it is necessary to arrange frontage roads along some sections of the expressway in order to serve the travel need of residents along the expressway to access flyovers or underpasses of the expressway. The frontage roads are arranged in accordance with standards for class B rural road (as per standard code TCVN 10380 : 2014).

Photo 3: Perspective of the project

   VNCN E&C constructs road bed, embankment and asphalt pavement, drainage system, bridges, lighting system and traffic safety system. At present, VNCN E&C is speeding up the construction of the following works: Excavation of unsuitable soil of the main road, frontage roads, service roads; Pumping sand for serving the construction of abutments and piers of bridges; Driving D600 pre-tensioned RC piles, preparing site for D1200 bored pile construction.

 VNCN E&C has mobilized manpower and equipment in order to focus on speeding up the construction, contributing to complete the Cao Lanh – An Huu expressway project as soon as possible to help agricultural products of Dong Thap and its neighboring provinces go further; There will be more chances for trading, cultural exchanging within the region and with HCMC; The people in the Southwest Region will have more favorable conditions to develop and have better lives.

Some photos of the construction at the site:

Photo 4: Constructing road embankment

Photo 5: Checking the excavation of road embankment

Photo 6: Laying geo-textile