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Company’s News
On 01st December 2017, the Company Labour Union successfully held the Labour Union Congress for the term of 2017 – 2022 at the Company’s headquarters meeting room, with the honorably attending of Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Diep – the Standing Member of the Vietnam Construction Labour Union, the Standing Member of Party Committee of VINACONEX Corporation, Deputy […]
30/08/2017 – 07:20 (GMT+7) Sounds of laughter and construction machines are prominent among the exciting working atmosphere at Cao Lanh bridge construction site. Cao Lanh bridge shall be closured to connect North-South banks of Tien bridge on 02nd December 2017 Last concrete batches At the end of August, Journalists of Transport Newspaper are at the […]
On July 2017, VINACONEX E&C organized a 10th year establishment anniversary gala dinner in Haytt Regency Resort and Spa Da Nang city. Many activities were organized to celebrate this event such as football championship for departments, tennis tournament for engineers and family’s members and a “Gala Dinner” was held within warmly and exciting atmosphere for […]
06/06/2017 – 16:18 (GMT+7) Binh Khanh Stay Cable Bridge- Package J1- Ben Luc-Long Thanh Section is exceeding 7% of progress               Package J1 constructs Binh Khanh stay cable bridge which is exceeding progress. In the morning of 06 June, as record of Transport Newspaper’s reporter, at Binh Khanh Bridge –Package J1 site has hundreds […]
The Nhat Tan Bridge Construction Project has been selected to be honored for the Mino Best Projects Award in 2017 under Category I – High Volume Road. Among leading Corporations participated in this landmark project such as PMU85 (Employer), IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd, TEDI, Chodai, Sumitomo ,….ect, VINACONEX E&C is the Contractor honored to […]
On January 21st 2017, VINACONEX E&C, in collaboration with Hanoi Medical University’s cardiologist and “Share Your Love” Charity Group paid a visit to the Binh Phu Commune’s Secondary School, An Giang Province, featured a chain of meaningful activities such as health examination, distribution of medicines and presents for all 576 pupils here. In the early […]
The Joint Operation of Shimizu Corporation and Vinaconex Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Shimizu – Vinaconex E&C Joint Operation) is the Contractor of Contract Package J1 Civil Works: Binh Khanh Bridge (Km21+739.5 - Km24+503). The period for completion of the Contract Package is 1,430 days (equivalent to 47 months). The Contract Package is financed by JICA and the Government’s counterpart fund. The Supervision Consultant is the Joint Venture of KEI-NE-OCG-TEDI....
At 9 a.m on April 22nd, 2016, VINACONEX E&C held the annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders at the Headquarters’ convention room, floor 18, VINACONEX tower , 34 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Ha Noi. The participants were entitled shareholders, VINACONEX’s CEOs, honored representatives and members of Vietnam Auditing and Valuation Company Limited (AVA)...
Construction Progress of Package A6 – Danang-Quang Ngai Expressway Project The Da Nang-Quang Ngai Expressway Project, being constructed as part of the North-South Expressway, will connect Da Nang and Quang Ngai provinces of Vietnam. The Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) is the Employer of the project on behalf of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Vietnam. Construction […]
On 26th February 2016, leaders of Joint Operation SHIMIZU-VINACONEX E&C held the grand opening ceremony for its new modern site office building and living quarters at 259 Nguyen Huu Tho street, Nha Ba district, Ho Chi Minh city. This complex shall be place where the engineers and staffs of Project Management Board work and live […]