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The year 2018 witnessed a number of significant and vigorous changes of the Company, of which the change in the Company Name from Vinaconex Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company to VNCN Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Corporation marked a new stage and a great development of the Company, inheriting and promoting those achievements have been obtained for years.

For saying goodbye to the year 2018 and welcoming New Year 2019, VNCN E&C CORP held a friendly and cozy year-end party at National Convention Center on 31 January 2019 (i.e. 26 December of Lunar Year). Annually, the year-end party is organized quite late to wait for most of the engineers and staff working for different projects all over the country to come home for Tet holiday. For this reason, Tet holiday is considered the time for all members of the great family of VNCN E&C CORP to gather together.

In warm atmosphere of spring, Director Nguyen Tri Dung, on behalf of the Company, summarized the operations of the Company in the previous year. He highly appreciated efforts of all engineers and staff to meet the planned targets of transport infrastructure projects and civil – industrial construction ones, such as Package A1 and Package A3, Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project, and those projects ahead of schedule such as Tan Thang Cement Plant Construction Project. Activities related to the care of employees and charities were also mentioned. In 2019, the Company is to pay more attention to and increase investment in the development of a team of the most excellent staff. The Company is also to cooperate with foreign partners to give trainings in specialized fields to engineers and to develop new projects, etc. Beside the pleasure of such achievements, Director Nguyen Tri Dung also emphasized that the Company leaders and employees had to make further efforts to fulfill targets for the year 2019 and overcome all challenges in the year.

The year-end party is not only the day for gathering, it is also the day for recognizing, showing honors and giving valuable awards to teams and individuals who have the most outstanding contributions to the Company success in the previous year.

The year-end party and the first working day after Tet holiday brought a lot of joys and happy memories to the large family of VNCN E&C CORP. In the cheerful and warm atmosphere of the beginning of the year, all members exchanged wishes of the best for the New Year then said goodbye each other for going to continue their works in various projects all over the country.