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REAAA Mino Best Project Award for VINACONEX E&C

The Nhat Tan Bridge Construction Project has been selected to be honored for the Mino Best Projects Award in 2017 under Category I – High Volume Road. Among leading Corporations participated in this landmark project such as PMU85 (Employer), IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd, TEDI, Chodai, Sumitomo ,….ect, VINACONEX E&C is the Contractor honored to be selected to receive this proud Award.
The Road Engineering Association of Asia &Autralasia, (REAAA), during the 15th REAAA Conference, honored the project teams of VINACONEX E&C behind outstanding design and construction efforts in the Asian and Australasia. The award ceremony took place on March 23th 2017 in Bali, Indonesia.
As per the organizers “The winning projects were selected from 6 entries proposed and submitted by REAAA Council Members as outstanding examples of the risks and rewards – and the hurdles overcome – of designing and building internationally.” The Nhat Tan Bridge Construction received top honors under Category I – High Volume Road.
Being named in this prestigious award is an incomparable recognition to all VINACONEX E&C leaders and engineers.