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National Highway No.1 Improvement Investment Project, Section Km1027 – Km1063+877 and Km1092+577 – Km1125+000, Quang Ngai Province

Package 11: Construction of Section Km1119+700 – Km1125+000
– Employer: Quang Ngai Department of Transport
– Funding: Government’s Bonds
– Location: Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam
– Construction period: January 2014 – October 2015
– Contractor: Vinaconex E&C
– Contract value: 215 billion VND
– Scope of works:
+ Designed road class: Flat Road Class III
+ Designed speed: 60km/h
+ Cross section: from 10.5m to 20.5m. The route includes 5.3km road in length, 01 pre-stressed slab girder bridge and 01 intersection.
+ Construction of 26 drainage culverts of all kinds: box culverts 2x3x3m; box culverts 2×2.5×2.5m; pipe culverts D1.0m, D1.250m, and D1.5m.
+ Volume of earth and rock excavation: 293,966m3
+ Volume of embankment: 217,360m3
+ Volume of crushed aggregate: 39,905m3
+ Volume of asphalt concrete: 25,689 tons.
* General information of the Project:
NH1 Improvoment Project, Quang Ngai Section is one of major national projects with total length of about 81km and its total investment of more than 5,100 billion VND. NH1 Improvement Component using the Government Bonds under this Project has been carried out for 52.33km with designed standard of flat road class III. The route includes 4 vehicle lanes and 2 pedestrian lanes with the width of embankment from 10.5m to 20.5m.