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Hanoi Pilot Metro Line Project, Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station Section

Package HPLML/CP-03 – Tunnel and Underground Stations Construction Hanoi Pilot Metro Line Project, Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station Section.

Main contractor: Hyundai E&C – Ghella JV

Type of contract: Build

Contract value: 218 billion VND

Construction period: 2019 – 2023

Infrastructure: Underground Station


Nhon – Hanoi station railway line has total investment of over 36,000 billion VND, with 12.5 km length, including 8.5km of high line from Nhon to Kim Ma and 4km underground from Kim Ma to Hanoi station. The railway has 8 high stations, 4 underground stations and Depot area in Nhon.

VNCN E&C shall implement construction of ground work and structure of S9 – Kim Ma station, S10 – Cat Linh station and Escape sump – Package HPLML/CP03 Tunnel and Underground stations with 4km length. This is the most complicated package in Nhon – Hanoi station urban railway station project. Hyundai E&C – Ghella S.P.A JV is assigned to implement this package.

The main contractor applied the most worldwide innovative technologies to implement construction for this project. Tunnel boring technology using robot TBM was put into use for underground construction. TBM is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section, highly complicated technology and applied in huge project worldwide. TBM is known as a horizontal cylinder boring machine with spectacular dimension (diameter range are 7-17.5m), there’s enough space to contain equipment and workers inside the machine during operation. The foundation of the station is also applied latest jet grouting technology from Japan.

Underground station of Nhon – Hanoi Metro Line


VNCN E&C implement construction of structure and waterproofing work: cast-in-place concrete, formwork, waterproof membrane, engineer fabric, etc.; ground work and shoring, steel temporary shoring, temporary ventilation and control panel of station, etc. S9- Kim Ma and S10 – Cat Linh stations are designed in 2 floors (1 platform and 1 transshipment floor)

Design section of 2-floor underground station in Hanoi station – Nhon Line


Gaining main contractor’s trust, VNCN E&C has been putting all efforts into implementing construction in order to complete the project as soon as possible and with highest quality, contributing to new Hanoi urban traffic scene.

S9 – Kim Ma, Nhon – Hanoi station Metro Line