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GMS Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway Project, Package A1: Km00+600 – Km07+900

– Employer: Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC)
– Funding: Asian Development Bank (ADB) + counterpart fund
– Location: Long An Province and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
– Construction period: 36 months
+ Commencement: May 2015
+ Completion (planned): May 2018
– Contractor: Joint Venture of Halla Corporation – Vinaconex Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Halla – Vinaconex E&C Joint Venture)
– Contract value: 1,495 billion VND
– Scope of works:
+ Total length of the package: 7.3km, including 5.3km of expressway, 2 interchanges, 2 underpasses, and 9.2km of frontage road along the route.
+ Construction of 08 bridges (total length of 3,502m) which are mainly viaducts and bridges over rivers, including: Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong Interchange with total length of 1,683m;  01 flyover on NH1A (651m); Phuoc Ly bridge (451.5m); 02 bridges over small rivers.
+ Construction of superstructures including: 513 super-T girders (38.3m long), 20 PCI girders (33m long), 525m of solid slabs casted-in-situ.
+ Bridge abutments and piers are located on bored piles D1.0m and D1.2m, and concrete piles 0.35×0.35m
+ Construction of drainage system including: pipe culverts D1.5m (138m), pipe culverts D1.0m (289m), pipe culverts D0.8m (817m), box culverts of various types (315m), irrigational canals (1,600m), ditches of various types (10,600m), etc.
+ Volume of earth excavation: 723,672m3
+ Volume of embankment: 950,963m3
+ Volume of aggregate: 182,881m3
+ Volume of asphalt concrete: 57,067 tons

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