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        VNCN Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Corporation (VNCN E&C) participated in the tender and it was a great honor to be awarded the “Construction & Installation” Package of “HFIC Office and High-rise Building Project” funded by Hochiminh City Finance and Investment State-owned Company. When the building is completed, it will stand out in a big city of ​​the country and be suitable for multiple uses. The building will be a convenient, modern and safe working environment where will enhance working performance, and will become a pride of every HFIC staff when working here.

       VNCN E&C is the general contractor for the construction and installation of the HFIC Office, Trade and Service Building Project. Total area of the land: 786.70m2; Total office area: 3,883.53m2; Building density: 58.01%. The building includes 1 mezzanine, 2 basements, 14 floors, technical attic story and roof, internal yard, road and green space. All these items are arranged reasonably for both internal and external activities, make full use of favorable conditions and overcome the limitations of the land. 2 basements and 1 mezzanine with a total depth of -10.1m are constructed using the technology that combines reinforced concrete diaphragm wall with supporting frame system. In such a narrow space of the construction site at 33-35-37-39 Pasteur Street, District 1, one of the most crowded places in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, the construction technology has to not only ensure the schedule required by the Employer but also satisfy strict regulations on construction in urban areas. The construction method is placing reinforced concrete working platforms on king posts installed into D600 bored piles. Besides, in the construction of the basements, apart from the diaphragm wall, there is also a cofferdam of bored piles having diameter of 350mm. For the high-rise structure, VNCN E&C will apply traditional construction technologies. Ensuring occupational safety for employees and workers while not affecting adjacent works in such a crowded urban area of District 1, HCMC as well as meeting the construction schedule committed with the Employer is really a huge challenge.

 It is a great honor for VNCN E&C to be selected as the Contractor of “HFIC Office and High-rise Building” Project. Our prestige has been brought by the success of our projects as well as our long-term commitment to the quality, the sustainability of the works, the ability to ensure the budget and meet the schedule. With a team of talented, enthusiastic and creative engineers, skilled workers, advanced and modern construction technologies, VNCN E&C will bring into play our advanced technical capabilities, our experience in project management and our financial resources for construction to ensure the criteria of quality, progress, aesthetics, safety, environmental sanitation, especially to satify the Employer’s requirements, and comply with current regulations on basic construction management in order to complete the “HFIC Office and High-rise Building” Project in accordance with the schedule, making the building become a 4.0 financial operating center of Ho Chi Minh City.