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National Highway no. 1 Rehabilitation Project – Nghe An Province

Location: Nghe An Province
Client: RPMU2
Contract Value: 34.9 billion Vietnamese Dong
Duration: 10 months

Project Scale:  
Package no. 4 (NPP/CP4:
Upgrading and rehabilitation of 20.3km of road, from Km 405-428 NH1 Nghe An Province.
02 types of pavement structures:
Type 1: medium-sized AC layer 5cm thick, leveling by medium-sized AC layer should the Hb/v < 4cm, leveling by big-sized aggregate should BĐHDA/v > 4cm.
Type 2: medium-sized AC layer 5cm thick, 7cm coarse aggregate AC, leveling by coarse aggregate AC.
The road works encompassing:
206,766m2 medium-sized AC 5cm.
8,419m2 coarse-aggregate AC 7cm.
2292m3 leveling work by medium-sized AC
5588m3 leveling work by coarse aggregate AC.
Rehabilitation work for 7975m2 of damaged pavement.
AC Paving work for 4238m2 pavement.
Drainage work of project:
1248m reinforcement concrete ditch B = 0.6m.
961m reinforcement concrete in trapezium.
Install new and repair the road utilities such as corrugated iron, medium, cable, road painting, sign post…