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The Joint Operation of Shimizu Corporation and Vinaconex Engineering Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (Shimizu – Vinaconex E&C Joint Operation) is the Contractor of Contract Package J1 Civil Works: Binh Khanh Bridge (Km21+739.5 – Km24+503). The period for completion of the Contract Package is 1,430 days (equivalent to 47 months). The Contract Package is financed by JICA and the Government’s counterpart fund. The Supervision Consultant is the Joint Venture of KEI-NE-OCG-TEDI.


The total length of Contract Package J1 is 2.7635km including Binh Khanh Bridge and viaducts. This Package passes the districts of Nha Be and Can Gio of Ho Chi Minh City. The width of the bridge is 21.75m. The main scope of works of the Package are: Binh Khanh 2-plane cable-stayed bridge with the span layout of 187.25 + 375 + 187.25m; Nguyen Van Tao Road overpass with the span layout of 60 + 2*100 + 60m; Western Approach Bridge with the span layout of 56 + 11*70 + 56m; Eastern Approach Bridge with the span layout of 56 + 10*70 + 56m constructed by balanced cantilever method; over 26,519m of bored-piles of all types; 7,485m of steel pipe sheet piles with diameter of 1.5m; 21,000m3 of excavation; 114,639m3 of concrete of all types; 14,359 tons of steel.

The construction of Binh Khanh Bridge was launched in April 2016. Up to present, after nearly one year, the land acquisition has been completed100%; the completed quantity has been reached 989 billion Vietnam Dong being equivalent to 35% of the Contract Value, which was 6.5% beyond the schedule. All equipment and machineries on the site are in compliance with international standards. Completed works: 331/387 bored piles, 10/30 pier foundations and 03/30 pier shafts. More than 7,485m of steep pipe sheet piles D1500mm have been completed, and the SPSP bracing system is being erected. All works have been constructed in a manner that ensured and harmonized technical specifications, high quality, labor safety and environmental hygiene, etc.

The management of quality, environment and labor safety have been given priority and controlled strictly. Setting “Safety first” the ultimate objective, we have experienced 917,900 safe working hours without any accident. The accommodations for the entire staff on the site have been well secured, while the liaison and communication with the local authorities, public security and the public relations during the construction are also ensured.

image002Contract Package J1

image003Construction of bored pile D1500m on the river

image004Construction of Pier P9 Shaft

image005Construction of SPSP of Pier P19

image006Construction of Pier P25 Foundation

image007Construction of Pier P33 Shaft