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Trade union congress of VINACONEX E&C

Also attended in the meeting were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Vice Director General of VINACONEX corporation and Chairman of Management Board of VINACONEX E&C, Mr. Do Thanh Hoi, Chief in Staffs of Party Office, Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, Director of Trade Union Finance Department, VINACONEX Corporation and all trade union members of company.

The report on trade union activities before its own setting up was made in the meeting. Trade members also listened to the activity plan in term I (section 2008-2010), discussed the Draft Trade Union Report of the Corporation, elected company representatives to attend trade union meeting of VINACONEX Group.

The Chairman of Management Board, Director and Party Secretary of the Company, Mr. Do Thanh Hoi, Chief in Staffs of Party Office also made speech at the meeting and highlighted that the trade union would work as a body that represents and protects workers legitimate rights and interests while facilitating the company’s future development.

Trade union meeting calls each and every members, employees of VINACONEX E&C to unite, strike and work harder for fulfilling targets as set in this meeting.
The meeting ended at 10.30h.