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Contractor: Lilama – VNCN E&C Joint Venture

Contract Amount:  ~ VND 1,500 billion, in which:

  • . VNCN E&C (construction):             > VND 600 billion
  • . Lilama (fabrication and erection of equipment): > VND 800 billion


Tan Thang Cement Plant Investment Construction Project (Chain 1) has rotary kiln capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker/day equivalent to 1.96 million tons of cement/year. This Project was granted the Certificate of Investment No. 27111000010 by the People’s Committee of Nghe An Province. This is the project on investment in construction of a complete cement manufacture chain from receiving, crushing, transporting, classifying materials to clinker manufacturing, milling, packing and finishing off cement production in a modern and professional way. The Plant has an optimal and scientific management system, will develop step by step to expand the manufacturing scale to become a big cement supplier in Vietnam and to have competitive advantage in the export market.

Silo Clinker having diameter of 36 m

The Project has been completed within 21 months including 17 months of construction and 4 months of commissioning and trial operation. This is the first cement plant project which VNCN E&C has implemented with a huge quantity of works in such a short time so we were at fault at the beginning.

Identifying that the Project was a major work, VNCN E&C’s Leaders has been supervising strictly the work, making favorable conditions for employees and workers participating in the Project to work in a professional and convenient environment. With the decisiveness and close supervision and instruction of the leadership, all difficulties were gradually overcome. At present, we have got considerable achievements in construction field: More than 95,000 m3 concrete and 12,000 tons of steel. Main items of the Project were formed and finished, including:

  • . Raw meal silo: D21m and height up to 73.40 m
  • . Clinker silo: D36m and height of 38.90 m
  • . Cement silo: D26.9m and height of 46.4 m
  • . Cyclone preheater tower: H ~100 m, ~ 3,800m3 concrete, ~ 410 tons of steel
  • . Packing plant: H ~ 30 m, 5,300 m3 concrete, ~ 700 tons of steel
  • . Dust filter: H ~ 22 m, ~ 1,300 m3 concrete, ~ 170 tons of steel
  • . Cement milling plant: H ~ 43 m , ~ 2,400 m3 concrete, 200 tons of steel

Clay receiving station

Up to present, the Project has been implemented for 17 months with the contribution of more than 50 engineers and staff of Tan Thang Cement Plant Project Management Board and over 550 workers from our affiliates. Some praiseworthy achievements have been obtained, such as completing 100% of the contract amount 30 days ahead of schedule. Such important works as 421 Cyclone Preheater tower was completed 31 days ahead of schedule; IA4 Hopper Building was completed 55 days ahead of schedule, etc. The Project works were completed and handed over to the Employer and other units for management and use. Beside the construction work, the reimbursement also meets the target. At this time, the payment has reached 98% of the amount.

That Tan Thang Cement Plant Construction Project is completed ealier than the contractual schedule is highly recognized by the Employer and the JV partner. With our achievements, VNCN E&C is confident to be able to implement similar projects which require high profession and technologies while still ensuring SAFETY – QUALITY – SCHEDULE.

Some photos of Tan Thang Cement Plant Project site

Raw meal silo of 73.4 m high

Stock milling plant

Cement silos are constructed with sliding formwork technology