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Tan Thang Cement Plant Investment Construction Project (Chain 1) has rotary kiln capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker/day equivalent to 1.96 million tons of cement/year.

Investor: Tan Thang Cement Joint Stock Company.

Contract No. 20180505 / XL01 /XMTT- LILAMA-VINACONEX E&C (now VNCN E&C) was signed on 05 May 2018 by LILAMA – VNCN E&C for construction of a complete cement manufacture chain from receiving, crushing, transporting, classifying materials to clinker manufacturing, milling, packing and finishing off cement production in a modern and professional way. The project schedule is 21 months including 17 months of construction and 4 months of trial operation.

Major works:

  • . A limestone crusher at pit, about 1,500m from the Plant, belt conveyor for transporting limestone from the pit to the store inside the Plant, and a service road;
  • . A clay and buffer stock crusher inside the Plant;
  • . A gypsum and additive receiving tower inside the Plant;
  • . A coal receiving tower inside the Plant;
  • . A synchronized chain for clinker manufacture from stores, raw stock mixer to clinker kiln, cooler and transport with capacity of 5,000 tons/day;
  • . A clinker silo with capacity of 40,000 tons and 01 secondary clinker silo with capacity of 2,000 tons.
  • . Two cement milling systems and 02 cement silos with capacity of 2 x 20,000 tons;
  • . Four cement packing systems with capacity of 4×120 tons/hour, packing cement bags of 50kg; combining with 08 cement bag output lines with capacity of 8×120 tons/hour and 02 cement bulk output lines for trucks.
  • . 02 big-size cement bag packing systems (up to1.5 tons/bag) with capacity of 2 x 20 bags/hour.

Major quantities: The entire project uses about 94,000 m3 concrete and 12,000 tons of steel.

  • . Bored piles are constructed by dry drilling method with quantity of: 289 piles of D800 equivalent to 6,000 meters long, 267 pile of D1200 equivalent to 4,500 meters long.
  • . Silos are constructed with sliding formwork technology

Raw meal silo: ~6,000 m3 concrete and ~ 900 tons of steel;

Clinker silo: ~ 7,000 m bored pile D800, ~6,000 m3 structural concrete, ~ 1,300 tons of steel;

Cement silo: ~ 4,500 m bored pile D1200, ~16,000 m3 structural concrete, ~ 2,500 tons of steel.

  • . Cyclone preheater: ~ 3,800m3 concrete, ~410 tons of steel
  • . Packing plant: ~ 30 m high, 5,300 m3 concrete, ~700 tons of steel
  • . Dust filter: ~ 22 m high, ~ 1,300 m3 concrete, ~170 tons of steel
  • . Cement milling plant: ~ 43 m high, ~2,400 m3 concrete, 200 tons of steel
  • . Raw stock milling plant: ~3,000 m3 concrete, ~300 tons of steel

With participation of a various number of subcontractor experienced in construction, such as:

  • . Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company No. 18 (LICOGI 18): Construction of package 1: Receiving input materials of the chain.
  • . VISICONS Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company: Construction of package 2; Clinker manufacture.
  • . Phu Hung Holdings Construction Joint Stock Company: Construction of all silos with sliding formwork technology.
  • . Dua Fat Foundation Joint Stock Company: Construction of bored piles by dry drilling method.
  • . PROCONS and HTCONS: Construction of other works of the Plant.

Engineers and workers working dedicatedly day and night on the site


Up to present, the Project has been implemented for about 9 months with participation of more than 50 engineers and staff of Tan Thang Cement Plant Project Management Board and over 550 workers from other companies. Some praiseworthy achievements have been obtained, such as: Completed 75% contractual quantity, 30 days ahead of the contractual schedule; Such important works as 421 Cyclone Preheater is 31 days ahead of schedule; IA4 Hopper Building completed 55 days ahead of schedule, etc. VNCN E&C CORP has completed and handed over 40 out of 82 work items. At the same time, with a team of dedicated engineers and staff working hard for the Project, VNCN E&C feels confident about completing Tan Thang Cement Plant earlier than the planned deadline while ensuring SAFETY and QUALITY.