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On May 21st, 2019, at Daewoo Hotel Hanoi, VNCN E&C and HYUNDAI E&C held a Ceremony for signing an MOU for the Strategic Partnership between the two Companies.

(Mr. Nguyen Huy Tuong – Chairman of VNCN E&C and Mr. Seo, Sang Hoon – Vice Permanent Chairman of HYUNDAI E&C are signing the MOU for Strategic Partnership)


HYUNDAI E&C is an international EPC contractor who is seeking for a global strategic business partner to cooperate and to expand its market, especially in Vietnam. VNCN E&C is a familiar partner of HYUNDAI E&C and wishes to become a strategic and associate partner of HYUNDAI E&C in order to strengthen the capacity of competition basing on abundant financial resources and technical expertise. In a spirit of cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, after negotiating, VNCN E&C and HYUNDAI E&C have reached agreements on becoming mutual strategic partners. The parties believe that the strategic partnership agreement will raise the relationship between VNCN E&C and HYUNDAI E&C to a higher level, will enhance the prestige of HYUDAI E&C as well as of VNCN E&C in the market, at the same time will create an impetus for further official cooperation between the Parties.

According to the MOU, the Parties will introduce to each other construction projects in the form of EPC or other projects by mutual agreement; The Parties will exploit and evaluate the possibility of forming a joint consortium for each project, will exchange information and data in appropriate and cooperative manner. The signing of the MOU for Strategic Partnership has opened up an opportunity for global business for obtaining optimal benefits for each party.

The participation of strategic partners will contribute to promote the growth of VNCN E&C in various aspects, develop the potential and increase the strength as well as prestige of VNCN E&C in the country and in the international market.