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Cao Lanh bridge bustles to its goal

30/08/2017 – 07:20 (GMT+7)
Sounds of laughter and construction machines are prominent among the exciting working atmosphere at Cao Lanh bridge construction site.

Cao Lanh bridge shall be closured to connect North-South banks of Tien bridge on 02nd December 2017
Last concrete batches
At the end of August, Journalists of Transport Newspaper are at the site of Cao Lanh bridge, that crosses Tien river and situates at Cao Lanh city and Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province. More than 300 employees, engineers, workers from Contractors, Consultants are now working tirelessly under 03 continuous shifts on the site to meet the closure deadline on 02nd September.
Mr. Tran Quang Tien, Vice Project Director of Bridge Construction Company no. 12, the Subcontractor that constructs the bridge at the Southern bank, said that 16 girder segments at Southern bank had been completed. The Company are preparing cranes, barges for installing 120ton scaffolding for closure work. According to Mr. Tien, it is difficult to move and fix the scaffolding system on site because the flood water is very strong at this time of the year. The scaffolding system locates at the center of the river where water is swift and open with fierce winds. “We had to schedule carefully the works, based on the actual condition of climate, weather, and stable water-flow in order to move the scaffolding system, then used crane to place it in to position”, Mr. Tien said.
Mr. Nguyen Tien Tuong, Vice Director of CRBC-VINACONEX Joint Operation said that the general progress reached above 95%, of which 374/374 Super T girders had been manufactured, 34/34 spans had been launched, 34/34 deck slabs, 128/128 stayed cables, 64/65 balanced-cantilever spans and main span had been completed….all remaining items had been completed and waited for the closure date to connect North-South banks of the river “To catch up with the project progress, there are 300 hundred workers, work in 2 shifts in order to complete the project successfully at the end of this year”, Mr. Tương said.
Mr. Nguyen The Vuong, Consultancy Vice director Mr. Nguyen The Vuong introduced the project “Cao Lanh Bridge and Approaches Road Project Cao Lanh Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with approach viaducts. Total length of the package is 2,400m including 2,037m of bridge and 363m of approach road at both sides with total capital more than 3,000 billion VND, funded by Australia Government. The project, commenced on October 2013 and implemented for 43 months, with design speed 80km/h, shall be closured in 2nd September 2017 and finished at the end of the year.
Mr. Nguyen The Vuong commented on the progress and quality of the project: “Advanced technologies have been applying for the construction of Cao Lanh bridge such as: foundation of bored pile is 2.5m diameter, 120m depth; balance cantilever by 250 ton traveler form, bridge width 27m; sliding formwork, mono strand tensioning jack….The project is undertaken by Joint operation Chine Road and Bridge Corporation (a well-known Chinese Contractor) and VINACONEX E&C (an enterprise taken part in many similar projects in Vietnam such as Bai Chay bridge, Thanh Tri bridge, Nhat Tan bridge), with other Vietnamese Subcontractors, meeting the project requirements on quality and progress.