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06/06/2017 – 16:18 (GMT+7)
Binh Khanh Stay Cable Bridge- Package J1- Ben Luc-Long Thanh Section is exceeding 7% of progress


            Package J1 constructs Binh Khanh stay cable bridge which is exceeding progress.

In the morning of 06 June, as record of Transport Newspaper’s reporter, at Binh Khanh Bridge –Package J1 site has hundreds of worker who are rush-working regardless of weather. The piers are gradually formed, higher than 100 meters, standing tall on the Soai Rap river.

Package J1 is constructed by Shimizu Corporation (Japan) and Vinaconex E&C Joint Operation which is over progress construction comparing with construction schedule.

Talking with Transport Newspaper’s reporter, Mr. Tran Van Thanh – Deputy Manager of the Board of the Package J1 Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway said: Binh Khanh Bridge’s construction progress reached 44.93%, volume of works are exceedingly 6.61% in comparison with the original plans compared to the signed Contract. In the construction process though difficult on weather, safety work should always be the first.

“Because of raining, we have to arrange reasonable construction team and comply with the best technical conditions in order to ensure safety works”, Mr.Thanh stressed.

Video of Rush-working on construction site –Package J1 – Ben Luc-Long Expressway:

Recorded pictures on package J1’s construction site – Binh Khanh Bridge Construction – Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway on the 6th, June morning:

Package J1 starts from Km 21+739,50 adjacent Package A4 to Km 24 + 503 adjacent Package J2 with a total length of more than 2, 7 km;  includes Binh Khanh Bridge and Fly Over Bridge, passing through the Nha Be District and Can Gio District – HCMC.

Package J1- Constructed by Shimizu Corporation (Japan) and Vinaconex E&C Joint Operator.

Up to now, Binh Khanh stay cable bridge’s construction progress has been exceeding in compliance with the Contract.

                                     Rush-working on site…

                                     … the last stage lapping.

The piers on Soai Rap river are being urgently constructing despite difficult weather conditions caused by heavy rain a large flow rate.

Span on river is 100 m higher, ensures lavivation clearance for boat 55 m for the international ship traffic on the Soai Rap rivers on the port in HCMC and surrounding areas.

Workers are constructing at span on river.

A Pier on-constructing at Nha Be side (HCMC).

After completing, Binh Khanh Bridge will connect with Package J2 Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway.